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When is Mother's Day in 2022?

  • Mother's Day is usually celebrated on the last Sunday in May. In 2022, the date of Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 29. However, it can happen that Mother's Day falls at the beginning of June, on the first Sunday of the month, especially when the date coincides with that of Pentecost. But the mothers day date is not the same in other countries. In the United States, Switzerland and Belgium for example, Mother's Day is on the second Sunday of May.

Mother's Day: another opportunity to celebrate moms

  • Mother's Day is an annual holiday celebrated by children around the world to honor their mom. Who hasn't one day made a pasta necklace or a beautiful drawing for their mom? But inevitably, with age, things change. The older you get, the harder it is to find Mother's Day gifts. This year, give your mom a dream gift. A gift different from the other gifts you are used to giving. Like this very elegant and unique bracelet by being able to personalize it by engraving on it what makes you the most happy. CLICK HERE

  • Everyone wants to please their mother: we offer personalized gifts , we write special Mother's Day cards, we make pretty bouquets of flowers, we prepare cakes, macaroons or chocolates... Many little or great attentions that say a lot.
  • And if you wish, you can also opt for a gift carefully made by your hands, as before, or simply choose a personalized piece of jewelery from LAKENZA. We bet you that she will be delighted, with her mothers day gift . Quite simply because it was chosen with love. And that is ultimately the most important thing.

And in other countries, how do we celebrate mothers?

Celebrated throughout the world, the tradition is however not the same everywhere:

  • In the United States , it is the second Sunday in May that moms are in the spotlight. The tradition is that we offer greeting cards and sleep in... Breakfast in bed is a must!
  • In Spain , "El dia de la madre" falls on the first Sunday in May, and it is a time for every mother to rest. It is customary for the whole family to go to a restaurant and for the establishment to offer a flower to each mother.
  • In Denmark , it is rather chocolates that mothers are entitled to. Celebrated on the second Sunday of May, as in many countries, the event is celebrated more in small towns than in large ones.
  • In China , we only celebrate our mother until the age of 35. The festival, not registered in the official Chinese calendar, being reserved for the younger generations.
  • In Argentina , we don't do like everyone else: Mother's Day falls on the third Sunday of October...

Team LAKENZA wishes you a Happy Mother's Day! <3

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